Saturday, November 22, 2014
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Participants for the Workshop of Campus Network and Setup AT Dar es Salaam Institute of technology 14th -18th January 2013

OSPF exercise/lab during workshop at Dar es salaam Institute of technology 14th -18th January,2013

Lab for Configuration of BGP routing during workshop at D.I.T on 14th - 18th,January 2013

BGP routing exercise during workshop  held at Dar es salaam Institute of Technology

STP protocol excercise for Campus Network and Setup 

STP protocol LAB for Campus Network and Setup during workshop at Dar es Salaam Institute of technology 14th -18th January 2013

Participants Listening to Facilitator OMBEN MNZAVA from DIT explaining on SWITCHING for Campus network

LAB equipment used during training on Compus Network Design and Setup

Facilitator TERNET ENG. Instructing during workshop of E-library at SAUT 

Facilitator from TERNET Damas A Makweba Explaining on "Routing Architecture" for Campus Network Design during Workshop held at D.I.T 4th-18th January,2013


Tanzania Education and Research Network (TERNET) is an autonomous and independent organization within the framework of the Societies Act, Cap. 337 and Regulations made there under and whose Board of Trustees is incorporated and registered under the Trustees’ Incorporation Act, Cap. 318.

TERNET is a network for Tanzanian higher learning and research institutions aiming at providing  platform for enabling the sharing of education and research resources.