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The Annual General Meeting shall be composed of the Vice-Chancellors of Universities, Principals/Provosts/Rectors of Colleges, Directors of Institutes, Centres or Directorates, and all other Chief Executive Officers of institutions that are members of TERNET and the Executive Secretary of TERNET Trust.

Office Tenure

Membership or right of participation shall cease when a Member Institution or, as the case may be, Other Participating Institution:

  • Resigns from or gives up its membership of TERNET Trust; or is disqualified under the provisions of Rule 11 of TERNET Trust Rules.

Powers and Functions of the Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall have the following powers and functions:

  1. To approve the appointment of Members of the Board of (the Registered) Trustees;
  2. To approve members of the Executive Committee;
  3. Subject to endorsement by the Trustees, to receive, consider and decide on recommendations of the lower organs of TERNET Trust on general policy, budgetary, accounting and audit matters of TERNET Trust;
  4. To appoint and/or establish such Committees of TERNET Trust, other than those established under Rule 12 hereof, as the Annual General Meeting shall deem necessary or appropriate;
  5. Subject to endorsement by the Trustees, to appoint the External Auditor of TERNET Trust;
  6. To apply all legitimate ways and means, in terms of these Rules and the Trust Deed, that shall ensure a sustained viable establishment and operation of TERNET Trust on a sound financial, legal and equitable basis;
  7. To appoint the Executive Secretary of TERNET Trust and his/ her deputy(ies) and any other senior staff as shall be deemed necessary or appropriate for the carrying out of the vision, mission, powers, objects and functions of TERNET Trust; and
  8. To take any other step and do any other thing or handle any other matter or affair that may be legitimately taken, done or handled under these Rules and, subject to endorsement by the Trustees, the Trust Deed, in pursuance of the foregoing powers, functions and duties.