<The content of this page is tentative pending constitution approval. Photos and biographies of members will be posted here once appointment is completed - Updated on 16/03/2018>


The Executive Committee is composed of maximum of ten (10) deputies of chief executive officers of the member institutions recommended by a search committee of the AGM and approved by the AGM under Article 13.6(a) and (b) respectively.

The Executive Committee Powers and Functions

  1. To supervise the general performance of the functions and duties of the lower organs of TERNET;
  2. To coordinate and oversee the general affairs and functions of TERNET;
  3. To be responsible for the implementation of the mission, goal, objects and functions of TERNET and the functions, duties, decisions,
    resolutions and/or directives of the Annual General Meeting;
  4. To appoint sub-committees for the better carrying out of its functions and duties;
  5. To formulate and ensure the execution of policy implementation measures through its own sub-committee(s);
  6. To be the highest policy execution organ and to make final decisions on any matter of an executive or administrative character.
  7. On behalf of the Annual General Meeting, to make decisions  regarding appointment, terms and conditions of employment and discipline of officers and staff in the service of TERNET;
  8. To propose to Annual General Meeting for approval the names of persons to serve as first and/or successor Registered Trustees of TERNET;
  9. To appoint officers and staff to such established posts as shall be approved by the Annual General Meeting; 
  10. To do any such other legitimate thing or matter and take any such other legitimate step or measure as may facilitate the carrying out of its powers, functions and duties and/or as may be properly directed or prescribed by the Annual General Meeting.


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