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Direct Engineering Assistance - D.E.A

These programs are provided to member institutions to support and elevate the member institution's standards to meet the NREN standards for a campus network. These standards were established to help institutions design and implement a robust and scalable campus network which will support academic and research activities.

The program is provided at minimal cost and the institution will receive free network devices depending on stock and availability.

Why Direct Engineering Assistance

  • D.E.A is given at a minimal cost to TERNET member institutions.
  • Along with DEA your institution will receive free network devices (depends on the need and stock availability).
  • D.E.A week goes alongside hands-on practice for institution's ICT staff. Therefore, building capacity for network and systems management.
  • D.E.A will re-structure your campus network to the best standards and increase network efficiency.
  • Reliability is guaranteed.


Your Feedback

Your feedback is important to us as we do everything possible to ensure that you are satisfied and trust us to serve your education and research needs. Just in case we did not fulfill this commitment while serving you, please let us know what we could do better and we will be happy to improve our services. If we fulfilled this commitment also let us know because it gives us pleasure and motivation to keep serving you with the best of our abilities.


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