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eMail services

The secretariat provides secure and spam-free institutional mail system for both students and staff. TERNET secretariat staff will configure and setup your mail system professionally to ensure that it is secure and spam-free at a very minimal cost. Unless you prefer to let TERNET secretariat manage the email system for you, day-to-day management of the system will be handled to the IT staff of your institution. You can choose to host your system in your own hardware at your institution or host at our NOC.

For students mail, the service is free-managed provided to members who will take the staff email system. TERNET secretariat will configure, setup, and manage your student email system without cost to you. Day-to-day management will be handled by your IT staff or by TERNET secretariat if you choose to let us.

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Your feedback is important for us as we do everything possible to ensure that you are satisfied and trust us to serve your education and research needs. Just in case we did not fulfill this commitment while serving you, please let us know what we could do better and we will be happy to improve our services. If we fulfilled this commitment also let us know because it gives us pleasure and motivation to keep serving you with the best of our abilities.


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