e registarDigitally Transform your Registry and Files Movement

For a long time, institutions have attempted to remove paper from their daily operations, but still the quantities produced seem to grow. The good news is that we can now become paper-light by embracing digital technologies and developing a new way of thinking and working that moves us away from paper and focuses our attention on the digitization of information.

To help with digitization, files movement and documents sharing within and across campuses of higher learning institutions, TERNET secretariat is introducing e-Registry system to our members. The system is based on automation of manual registry functions and file movement across offices/campuses.

e-Registry is implemented with a focus of higher learning institutions. Institutions can more easily organize their files, and securely perform transactions such as approvals and writing minutes on files all with the click of a mouse. Plus, institutions are very likely to save money on paper and printer ink.

How can I get the e-Registry?

To get this service visit our website at https://www.ternet.or.tz/ and fill the “Service Application Form” available under the “SERVICES” menu. We look forward to serving your needs!


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