Affordable Bandwidth


 TERNET provides bandwidth to all members. In order to get bandwidth from TERNET you will have to connect to TERNET NOC at COSTECH Building using your preferred last-mile provider or TERNET partner provider.

The benefit of using TERNET partner provider is that the service is already negotiated for you and you pay only one invoice to TERNET. If you use your other preferred provider, you will only pay TERNET for bandwidth and pay the link cost to your provider.

Why TERNET Bandwidth Service

  1. TERNET bandwidth is from Africaconnect2 project managed byUbuntunet Alliancespecifically for research and education purposes. Being one of TERNET members and connected to TERNET network you benefit from regional collaborations in education and research.
  2. Africanconnect2 project link is not connected to local broadband providers, it terminates at Seacom PoP and goes to GEANTnetwork in Europe where most research and education links meet. You might want to read more onthis page about the benefits of being part of the GEANT network.
  3. The link is on a protected circuit (it is insured). Therefore, in case of any link breakdown to Europe we are automatically moved to redundant links. This means high link reliability, provided that the last-mile provider (from your institution to TERNET) is reliable as well. TERNET has partnered with reliable last-mile providers and guarantee reliable last-mile connection if you decide to use TERNET partner provider. Based on the feedback we get from our members who are using our providers, we are confident with the reliability they provide.
  4. With TERNET partner provider, you get a dedicated last-mile link (not shared with other customers along the way) which means less latency/delay to you.
  5. Connectivity costs keep dropping from time to time and at TERNET we keep ourselves updated with the current prices and negotiate with last-mile providers accordingly.
  6. IP addresses given by TERNET are identified by AFRINIC (the IP registry for Africa) and the rest of the world for research and education purposes. Therefore, using these IP addresses gives you free access to publications and other online resources that are categorized for research and education and use IP address system to identify research and education institutions.

How to get the Service

To get this service please fill service application form under the "SERVICES" menu

Your Feedback

We do everything possible to ensure that you are satisfied and trust us to serve your education and research needs. Just in case we did not fulfill this commitment while serving you, please let us know what we could do better and we will be happy to improve our services. If we fulfilled this commitment also let us know because it gives us pleasure and motivation to keep serving you with the best of our abilities.


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