• Kilimahewa Road,House No.2,UDSM

  • helpdesk@ternet.or.tz

  • +255737944761


Affordable Bandwidth

TERNET provides bandwidth to all members. In order to get bandwidth from TERN...

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Cloud services

TERNET secretariat is looking forward to providing cloud services hosted at T...

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Identity Provider (IDP)

IDP stands for Identity Provider and is a system entity that creates, maintai...

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Tech-Savvy Program

In this program the secretariat aspires to ensure that staff and students in...

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Net tools

Net Tools is a network infrastructure solution for monitoring of network conn...

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Campus connect

It is a virtual private network that connect Institutional remote campuses an...

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Eduroam (education roaming) is an international roaming service for users in...

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Domain registration

To widen the scope of service as well as ensuring a one stop center for all d...

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