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On 23rd to 27th March 2021, we conducted a training workshop at Mzumbe University (MU) in Morogoro. This training was conducted by the trainers from TERNET. The training workshop conducted was a mixture of lectures and hands-on activities that equip participants with technical skills that in return will help on improving administration and management of their campus network and services.


During the training, participants acquired hands on capacity and materials to use for future practice and implement what they have been learned. 

Below is the list of sessions that have been taught from day one to day five.


All sessions;

    • Bootcamp (Linux basics, basic routers configuration)
    • Introduction to Network Security
    • Lab: Cryptography basics
    • Type of attack, security threats
    • Cyberspace
    • IPS/IDS
    • Labs: ACLs (Linux firewall, server hardening)
    • Labs: ACLs (router), Router protection
    • Lab Firewall
    • VPN protocols